#1 be a great pity for me. von ylq 23.11.2019 03:06

Due to a rain last night, the air today is so fresh. Opening the door, a wind mixed with fresh air blew in, and the tiredness on my face suddenly disappeared. With my fresh air, our class came to the foot of the mountain and got off the bus. Not only did it feel a fresh air Cigarettes Online, but it also contained a cool chill. A burst of wind blew, and it felt cold. It is a magical thing to happen in the hot summer days. After we have finished the team, we are ready to climb the mountain. I am very happy, but when I look up, the plate mountain that goes straight into the sky can't help but make me feel a little worried, worried that I can't climb. The mountain road is very narrow, only one person at a time, on the road, weeds. It gives people the feeling that they will fall off accidentally. We climbed step by step, we talked about some interesting things together, and hoped that we would not feel tired. But this method still didn't play a big role. When I climbed halfway, I was so tired and panting, sweat didn't drop from my forehead. Looking at other students have gone very far, I am still slowly crawling up behind, can not help but want to give up. At this time, Zhou, who was in the back of the team, went up. When he saw that I was tired and panting, he pulled me and said, "Let's sit down and rest." I gasped and said, "How can this be done? I can't drop the team." "Nothing, the teacher will take a rest with you for a while Marlboro Red." These words can't help but impress me. I sat down, and Mr. Zhou took the initiative to find me. Chat and encourage me to climb up bravely. With the companionship and encouragement of the teacher, I stood up again and began to climb the mountain. With the company teacher Zhou, we slowly climbed up. Finally, we climbed to the top of the mountain. "Oh, finally to the top!" I am happy. Said, at this time I have no time at that time Marlboro Gold, Teacher Zhou is also very happy, he patted me and said, look! I looked in the direction pointed by Teacher Zhou. Wow, the clouds in the distance are floating, as if roaming between the wonderland, I am very surprised, my sweat is not white. I close my eyes and enjoy the beauty of nature. My heart has mixed feelings, I am very grateful to Teacher Zhou, and tears have flowed unconsciously. I quietly admire the beautiful scenery around, and it is beautiful. If I gave up at half-mountain corner, I couldn't see this beautiful scenery. It would be a great pity for me. It was with the accompanying teacher Zhou that I could climb to the top of the mountain all the way. Thank you, it��s good to have your company.
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