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Environmentally friendly handbags as the new rage of fashion
Posted by AdrianRocker on July 23rd Wholesale Mens Jerseys , 2013

Fashion has different ways of showing us what is popular and what is versatile, as many fashionable articles surprise us with their practical side. If only older women would have worn raffia handbags, we might have assumed that they do it because they make a simple and practical solution for their needs. But seeing women of all ages with environmentally friendly handbags, made of raffia or straw, it makes us wonder what if…

What if a raffia purse or bag would actually be the new rage in terms of fashion? Teenagers are in love with the raffia clutches after seeing Chelsie Hightower Wholesale Jerseys Cheap , Sharni Vinson, Tracey Higgins and other celebrities wearing them. Young women find shoulder bags, cross body bags and top handles bags made of raffia as very versatile and ready to match with different attires on different occasions. More mature women, as already suggested, go for totes to take them out of any trouble or need.

The list of women who prefer one or more of these eco friendly bags is longer than that Wholesale Jerseys Online , but now we can focus on several viable explanations. Without a doubt, raffia makes an out of ordinary choice. It is not just environmentally friendly, but it also has a pleasant warm shade and it is flexible enough to allow patterns like you have never seen before.

If you want to stand out of the crowd and come up with something to reflect your personality, your interest for preserving the nature, perhaps your adversity on killing animals and using their leather Wholesale Jerseys From China , such environmentally friendly handbags are something to start with.

Eco itself is fashionable, yet the patterns and functionalities of raffia handbags can take alone the fight against trendy or fashionable bags, branded or replica bags and so on. If you ever went out with a purse that carries a heavy label hanging on your shoulder, you must have noticed your friends looking at you with envy, yet pretending they have not noticed your collection purse.

Now take the following experiment of going out with a straw purse or handbag and you will be surprised to see your friends gathering around you and analyzing it with sincere admiration and enthusiasm. Women are very responsive to things that break the patterns in this way and a handmade purse can leave them all open-mouthed.

A good sense of fashion should help you fit such accessories into your wardrobe Wholesale Jerseys China , to reflect not only your intention of going with the trends, but also a unique style and the preference for individuality. If one can easily bump into two women wearing a Louis Vuitton, the chances to bump into two women who wear the same raffia handbag are infinite smaller!

If you are into practical and fashionable accessories that also incorporate eco features, you cannot possibly ignore this option. Take a look on the market’s offerings and you should easily discover a model that reflects your tastes and passions.

Environmentally friendly handbags are the new rage of fashion. One or two raffia handbags should therefore bring your wardrobe in line with the current tendencies!

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