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Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that is concerned with the straightness of teeth Nike Air Force 1 Homme Just Do It Pas Cher , correcting misaligned bites, and occlusion, which simply means the contact between the teeth.

Teeth can become crooked as a result of hereditary factors which can include crowded teeth, teeth with too big gaps between them Nike Air Force 1 Homme Noir Pas Cher , and malocclusions. Teeth can also become crooked and misaligned as a result of thumb-sucking, pushing with the tongue, and as a result of accidents occurring to the jaw.

Your orthodontist in Chertsey can use palatal expanders to expand the width of the palate and lingual bars to expand the lower jaw. Braces are then placed on the teeth and the teeth are adjusted and straightened, and malocclusions will be corrected over a period of time which could be anywhere from six months to two years depending upon the severity of the case.

Braces in years gone by included large metal bands that were enclosed and cemented around each tooth. The braces can be attached to either side of the teeth depending upon what the orthodontist would recommend. Today Nike Air Force 1 Homme Rouge Pas Cher , tiny brackets that are made of metal or ceramic are placed on to the front of the tooth and bonded to it with a type of glue, and then arch wires are placed inside the brackets. These are made of a nickel-titanium mix which is heat activated. This is warmed by the heat in the mouth and maintains a constant pressure on the teeth. The orthodontist can adjust the arch wires as required when a visit is made to his surgery.

Today, there is also the Invisalign庐 technique which uses clear aligners which are, as the name suggest Nike Air Force 1 Homme Blanche Pas Cher , almost invisible. These can be changed every week, and it is now possible to straighten teeth in as little as three months instead of up to two years. Invisalign can be removed from the mouth, so the patient can eat and drink whatever they wish. You can smile as usual without embarrassment, because the Invisalign can hardly be noticed.

There are other benefits with Invisalign as well. Studies have shown that it is better for oral health than traditional metal braces Nike Air Force 1 Homme Mid Cher , because you can remove Invisalign and simply clean your teeth as usual, so there are no wires or anything else in which food particles might become trapped. People who might be allergic to metal braces can use Invisalign, and the treatment is predictable because it is planned in advance. This means that your dentist can more accurately predict how long the treatment will take.

If you are using standard braces, it is very important that they should be properly cleaned. Your orthodontist in Chertsey will advise that they should be brushed two or three times a day Nike Air Force 1 Homme High Pas Cher , and you can use a manual or electric toothbrush. It is important to clean at the gum line to remove plaque and prevent gingivitis. The toothbrush needs to be held at a 45 angle and then you gently brush around the brackets to remove food particles. If the teeth and brackets are not kept clean, there is the possibility of permanent damage to the tooth enamel. The brackets and wires have many places where food particles can become trapped, so the rusk of gum disease is higher when you are wearing braces. In addition, areas on the enamel surface of the tooth can begin to lose minerals and develop unsightly white spots.

While wearing braces Nike Air Force 1 Homme Low Pas Cher , you should avoid hard foods such as nuts and hard biscuits. Food such as apples or raw carrots should be chopped into small pieces before eating. You should also avoid sticky foods such as toffee, caramels, and fruit bars. In addition, you should avoid biting your nails or picking at the wires on your braces because this can break them. If you do by any chance break your braces you should make an immediate appointment with your orthodontist Nike Air Force 1 Femme Pas Cher 38 , because broken braces are not straightening your teeth.

Using a fluoride toothpaste after each meal will help to reduce the chances of tooth decay by making your teeth more resistant to the acids produced through eating and drinking, and can help to replace minerals lost in the early stages of decay. Your orthodontist may also suggest rinsing with an antiseptic oral cleanser.

If you need an orthodontist in Chertsey, the dentists at Ottershaw Dental Centre can provide braces and can also supply the Invisalign system of teeth correction as well.

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