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Fire Damage ? The First Twenty-Four Home Repair Articles | December 29 Cheap Josh Jacobs Jersey , 2010
In the event of a house fire, first and foremost ensure your safety and the safety of others, evacuate the premises according to safe fire guidelines, account for all of your family members, and call emergency services.

Although it will be difficult to comprehend the event for some time Cheap Clelin Ferrell Jersey , there are some imperative things to do immediately following the incident that are known as disaster management.

Remember your safety first. So not under any circumstances attempt to go through the property, even through a part that appears to be undamaged until it is deemed safe by a firefighter. There are things that you will need to try to recover from the damage, but this should only be done under the close supervision of a firefighter.

While you are waiting for permission to return to your property, call your local emergency services such as the Salvation Army, the Red Cross Wholesale Oakland Raiders Jerseys , or your church. Begin to gather life sustaining essentials such as clothing, food and shelter. Also ask immediately for services to obtain necessary medications and equipment. Ensure immediate and continued safety for you and your family.
The next call should be to your insurance company. You may not have all the answers that they will need immediately, but making initial contact is crucial in your claim. After the conversation with the insurance professional, who will likely give you another to do list, begin to locate important documents. Find or have re-made a driver?s license Wholesale Raiders Jerseys , state identification, or military ID card. Find your insurance documentation. This can usually be done at the company?s on-line website, and even if you think the original documentation has not been destroyed in the fire, keep on safety?s side and do not dig through rubble if a copy of what you need can be easily obtained from another source. It should also be noted that safe boxes should not be opened as they can retain heat for a substantial amount of time, and doing so can cause an explosion. A rule of thumb? Do nothing without direct supervision and permission of trained and equipped professionals.

Once you are allowed safely back on the property Cheap Oakland Raiders Jerseys , under the supervision of trained authority, look for medications, valuables, and medical items such as eyeglasses, hearing aids Cheap Raiders Jerseys , wheel chairs, or prosthetic devices.
Some calls that will need to be made at this point are to your mortgage company, to the post office, and to

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